Purple Hamburger Juice


Hey there, are you looking for Purple Hamburger Juice on the web? I wonder how you got to even search for Purple Hamburger Juice. There is really no such thing but I made an experiment on how fast an obscure search term shows up on Google search if you create a post optimized for this purple hamburger thing. Purple Hamburger Juice is an example I used in a previous blog post to show that many SEO companies will tell you that they can get you on the first page of Google. Sounds good right? But wait a minute, with what search term are they going to get you there? Something obscure that nobody is looking for like my “Purple Hamburger Juice”? Now what if you want to be on the first page of Google with a competitive term more like “All Natural Hamburger”? This is going to be a whole lot harder to get you show up in the natural listings. Natural listings are free and search  engines rank you automatically when scanning and analyzing your pages. So what will this SEO company do in this case? They will come up with a Pay per Click program that they offer to manage for you for a (usually pretty steep) monthly fee. Plus you will have the cost on a per click basis when potential customer click on the paid listing that shows up on top and side of searches. But you can read up on pay per click on other posts. Here I want to show that a simple post with a targeted title and a few times repeating my term Purple Hamburger Juice should get me pretty high in the search listing. Now how fast will this go? Let’s find out by posting now and later edit with results.

Update: Results are in as well. Took a bit longer (4 days) than I thought due to my website just recently switched to WordPress from Joomla. If this was a bit more established blog, results would be even faster. See current search results on Google



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