First Page Google Guarantee?

First Page Google Guarantee?

How can SEO companies guarantee first page rankings on Google or other search engines?

There are plenty SEO (search engine optimization) companies that will guarantee you a first page position, if you hire them and pay lots of money up front!  They call, they email and will try to get your hard earned money. If you are a bit suspicious about such claims, your gut feeling is correct. It is just not possible to guarantee first place ranking for good competitive keywords and key phrases.

If a SEO company makes such promises, take a closer look at the small print. The catch is often that the company selects the search terms. Your pages will be optimized for some obscure search terms that nobody searches for. But hey, they got you a first page listing for a highly unique product specific name that only your company is using. Great, right? Not really. If you have a unique company name or a unique product name, it’s relatively easy to get high search engine rankings for that term. The only problem is, that if nobody knows “Bills Mega-man Grill Tool”, nobody will ever search for it.

If you are happy with getting listed with obscure key phrases, you might find out that you can do that yourself as well. Just create a page with something silly like  “Purple Hamburger Juice”, use it as your title tag and repeat it in the text of your page a few times. Wait till the spiders hit your page and voila, first page Google listing. So OK, it is possible to guarantee a first page Google listing IF the key phrase is obscure enough.

Another way of keeping the first page on Google guarantee is simply by using pay per click campaigns like Google AdWords. Sure, if you bid high enough per click you get your first ranking listing, just going to cost you dearly and might not be sustainable in the long term. A Google AdWords account is free and you can learn how to manage it yourself as well. It can be beneficial to use AdWords to complement your other web optimizing efforts but I highly recommend to first optimize your website before spending your hard earned cash on pay per click advertising.

Before you pay a shady SEO company to get ranked on the first page of Google, talk to us. We will be glad to give you a more professional and realistic advice on how to get more targeted traffic to your web business.

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