DuDa Magic SEO Tool

Another SEO test with the DuDa Magic SEO Tool. Of course nobody else is going to use the DuDa Magic SEO Tool, because it does not exist. But I can show how fast a precise search term is picked up by search engines. DuDa Magic SEO Tool is a key phrase that I want to be found for on all major search engines. You wonder how does he do it? Is this “DuDa Magic SEO Tool” actually working? Again, this is just to proof the point that long key phrases that nobody else is using nor searching for are easy to get a first results page listing in a very short time. Now if it was just SEO Tool or Magic SEO Tool. that I wanted to target, it would be a whole other story. The more people fight for the same phrase, the harder it is to compete. Makes sense? Ok, let’s wait for results.

It’s Monday morning 4/7/2014 and the results are in. First page, first position of natural search listing accomplished with search term “DuDa Magic SEO Tool”.

Click here to see the current listing it with LMGTFY. 

This is how it looked 3 days after initial post publishing.


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