DuDa Inc Wholesale & Retail Websites

DuDa Inc is operating retail and wholesale e-commerce websites specializing in home decor products. We run our own warehouse in Lynn, MA where we do some light assembly work to our Moravian Star Lights that we import from Mexico and turn into lights and light fixtures. We operate both as importers and distributors. We sell wholesale to stores and retail directly to consumers. Please note, some of our sites are wholesale only and others are retail only.

Website Operated by DuDa Inc

DuDa Inc is operating a series of retail and wholesale e-commerce websites focusing on home decor related products.

Please see the brief summary of some of our sites:

DuDa Home Decor Store


DuDa Home is a retail store dedicated to Moravian Star Lights. Offering a wide variety of glass stars, tin stars, and tin stars with marbles.

Wax Pottery – Home Fragrance Without a Flame!


Wax Pottery are all Handmade in the USA. A great new product that is designed to release the fragrance without the need of an open flame. Use these as an alternative to candles wherever you can not or do not want to burn candles. The Wax Pottery website features a retail and a wholesale E-Commerce solution.

ArtWax Candles


Handmade Decorative Candles by ArtWax Wholesale Candles. ArtWax Candles are all hand formed in Poland. DuDa Inc is marketing the ArtWax brand in the US. ArtWax Candle products are marketed online and at major gift trade shows across the US. Our artwax.com web site is featuring a wholesale ordering system and a retail store attached to the same domain. A good example on how retail and wholesale can be done on one domain.

Wholesale Moravian Star Lights and Star Lamps

wholesale.duda-inc.com  features a large selection of Moravian Star Lights, possibly the largest you can find anywhere on the web or at any wholesale trade show across the US.

This website is exclusively for the wholesale trade and only sell to retail stores and other resellers that qualify.


DuDa Inc Company History

Distributing at Wholesale Gift Shows

When we started our business as ArtWax in 1997, we began with importing and distributing hand made candles. We traveled all over the US to attend wholesale trade shows seeking to gain new customers. After some time, the trade shows started to fizzle and less and less new business was written at the shows. The mom and pop retailers were slowly but surely dying out. The big box stores were taking over, then the online giants like eBay and Amazon were adding to it. It became hard to sustain the cost of traveling and exhibiting at the shows.

The Shift to the Web

Our owners have a strong foundation in the business and technology sector. Naturally, we soon recognized the need for a presence on the web. We developed and published our first website in 1997 for promoting the ArtWax candle brand. Soon after we added e-commerce functionality to our site and things started to take a turn. Over time we became and online only business.

Ever since we opened our doors, all the the web design and development of e-commerce was done in house. As a result of dealing with our own website and expanding into e-commerce, we build valuable knowledge and we felt we wanted to share it with other companies seeking the same goals. It started out as a “help a business friend” kinda thing. Along the way, we have helped many wholesale companies with the move from a simple static website, looking more like a printed catalog,  to a full featured wholesale online ordering system where customers can do business day and night.

In the gift industry, many wholesale vendors and retailers were initially very hesitant to take the e-commerce plunge. Partly because they lacked the tech knowledge themselves and or dreaded the cost of entry. High quotes from various web design companies had scared many. Often businesses have had bad experiences with their first websites. Many learned the hard way that they sold their soul away to the web designer and every little change to the site costed dearly. We heard so many horror stories that we felt there is a demand for a web design and consulting company that understands the small to mid sized business needs. We found that we can be a great asset to other companies as well.

Today, besides running our own websites, we are happy to offer our services to any interested business. We can bridge the gap from your business needs to the design and technology that drives it. Give us a shout! Contact Us