DuDa Inc Wholesale & Retail Websites

DuDa Inc is operating a series of retail and wholesale E-Commerce websites specializing in home decor products. We import some products, others we source right here in the USA and some work to our lamps we do right here at our facility in Lynn MA. Depending on the product, we sell wholesale to stores and / or directly to consumers.

Do you have a charge from DuDa Inc on your credit card statement? Well I bet you ordered products on one of our websites. See here.


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Business and Web Consulting Services

Besides running our own web stores, we are offering our services to companies who want a meaningful web presence. We can help you reach your business’ web performance goals. You will find in us a partner that knows what it takes to run a successful website. Our services include business and web consulting services, website evaluation, competitive analysis, internet marketing strategy development, web design, content optimization,  SEO search engine optimization and last but not least, we can help you to reduce your web business operating costs.

Analyze, Consult and Implement

We analyze, consult and implement measures to improve the success of your business website. A sound Internet marketing strategy is key for your company to succeed online.

Solutions Built on Open Source Systems

All of our solutions are maintenance friendly. Content can be updated by the client at any time. As a matter of fact, we encourage and teach the client to become able to maintain and update the website themselves. After all, every website should evolve and grow. Search engines and customers are more likely to come back if content is frequently added and updated.

Our Expertise

Our main focus are retail and wholesale e-commerce solutions based on ZenCart. Business websites are built on WordPress or Joomla. Both work wonderfully as  CMS (content management system) solutions that are cost effective to develop and easy to maintain. Everybody can learn how to update a business website developed by us.

Don’t miss out on the potential of a targeted web presence. It does not matter if you just want to improve your current website, or if you just starting out with your first business website, we can help. We would like the opportunity to talk to you and discuss how a optimized website could improve your specific business. We would like to learn about your company and your unique products and services, so we know what your potential clients look like. By analyzing your current website and business, we can come up with a plan and concept how to improve your sites performance. Please use our contact us form for a free consultation.

DuDa Inc Company History

When we started our business as ArtWax in 1997, we began with importing and distributing hand made candles. Our owners have a strong foundation in the business and technology sector. Naturally, we soon recognized the need for a presence on the web. We developed and published our first website in 1997 for promoting the ArtWax candle brand.

Ever since we opened our doors, all the the web design and development of e-commerce was done in house. As a result of dealing with our own website and expanding into e-commerce, we build valuable knowledge that we felt we wanted to share with other companies. It started out as a “help a business friend” kinda thing. Along the way, we have helped several wholesale companies with the move from a simple static website, looking more like a printed catalog,  to a full featured wholesale online ordering system where customers can do business day and night.

In the gift industry, many wholesale vendors have been very hesitant to take the e-commerce plunge. Partly because they lack the tech knowledge themselves and or dread the cost. High quotes from various other web design companies have scared many. Often businesses have had bad experiences with their first websites when they learned the hard way that they sold their soul away to the web designer and every little change to the site costs a fortune. We heard so many horror stories that we felt there is a great demand for a web consulting company that understands the small to mid sized business needs. We found that we can be a great asset to other wholesale companies in applying our knowledge to their specific needs. We also learned that we save most companies a lot of money with our approach to websites. We only work with Open Source Software that helps to keep the cost down.

Today, besides offering our web consulting and design services to our valued customers, DuDa Inc owns and operates several wholesale and retail e-commerce stores in the candle and home decor sector.


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